With our strong partnerships with entrepreneurs and management teams, we aim to build successful businesses with strong foundations. We apply various private equity strategies in diverse industries while delivering risk-adjusted returns to our shareholders. We invest in companies at growth stage, late start-up phase, or on selected new companies. We apply a robust screening and filtering process, followed by thorough analyses of the macro and micro dynamics of the potential opportunity

We aim to benefit from the deregulation of a number of sectors in Africa, the positive developments in the economy of the African continent, the increasing average incomes of individuals and the widening gap between the supply and demand of many goods and services.

Our approach is based on the following pillars:

Have a clear market positioning, competitive advantage and room for ​​future growth;

Achieve good results, decent profitability and / or positive future estimates;

Implement governance standards;

Have an effective and stable management team with vision and / or experienced

Sustain a promising exit scenario.

The above criteria apply to investments in new projects and companies, with a focus on fast-growing sectors with clear competitive advantages