Lights Out Bitcasa; Amazon “Unlimited Everything” arrives

It’s been a rocky 2 years with Bitcasa…like a very bad dream. The company still exists, but Infinite Drive was just a pipe dream. More than just poorly executed—It was a promise replaced by lies. Bait-and-switch, plain and simple. For … Continue reading

Bitcasa: Headed for the Abyss

I was an early Bitcasa supporter. I jumped on the bandwagon early and I blew my trumpet loud and far:  Bitcasa: Unlimited storage, version history & sync  (Feb 8, 2013) But consider this shockingly short timeline: • September 2011: Bitcoin … Continue reading

Update: Bitcasa bursts its bubble

We first wrote about Bitcasa Infinite Storage back in February, and we amplified our kudos in a brief–but gushing–July update. In fact, lots of folks were impressed. The service model, home grown technology, smooth-as-silk founder, and jaw-dropping price point made … Continue reading

Bitcasa: Unlimited storage, version history & sync

November 2013 Update: Brian Tapitch of Zynga has replaced Bitcasa CEO Tony Gauda. After just 2 months, he jolted followers with a 2000% price inc- rease. Check out our November 2013 update to this article. Bitcasa has just emerged from “skunkworks” mode. The cloud storage startup … Continue reading

Update: NSA surveillance, Bitcoin, cloud storage

Just last month, Edward Snowden was honored with our first annual Wild Duck Privacy Award (we hope that he considers it an honor). The vigorous debate ignited by his revelations extend to the US Congress, which just voted on a defense spending bill to  … Continue reading