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Ellery is available as public speaker on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies (virtual currency, digital money, altcoins). [Blockchain qualifications]. He is…

Privacy & Anonymity

  • Encryption (both storage & communications)
  • VPN (Encrypting Internet traffic to a distant server or exit ramp)
  • Tor (Route web surfing through a chain of servers that each delete their records and cannot trace your location, Internet service or browser fingerprint)
  • Steganography (Obfuscation and forms of deniability)
  • Blind Signaling and Response (A proposed method by which Google or other service providers can demonstrate unparalleled respect for user privacy)


Planning an article, paper or op-ed? Let readers know where you stand. AWildDuck can cast your words with verve and panache. Ellery Davies is the Bill Maher of Blogdom. He writes with sarcastic wit. He ghostwrites as author, blogger or columnist for popular journals and web sites. Why not yours if you’re looking to find a ghostwriter?!

We live in the age of information, intellect and the internet. Captivating words are the keys to success. What will you accomplish with the razor sharp edge of a witty wordsmith? Mold your Blog or article with a premium ghostwriter. Contact Ellery.

  • Contracts by the word-or based on a well-defined project
  • Copyright and credit remains with you
  • Eclectic & technical background; 40 years of high-tech experience

Minimum stipend covers a 550 word essay. Cost per word is less for white papers and longer projects. Want a writing sample? Browse this blog. Then click the contact link.

Banking & Brokerage

Procedural manuals, user brochures and marketing literature related to entry into the market for Bitcoin receipts, transmission or savings.


AWildDuck consults to businesses, organizations and government agencies. VCs and angel investors ask us to validate that a prospective ICO is designing a true, permissionless blockchain (a key focus of our consulting). We fill the role of R&D Advisor or Product Release Manager at companies that seek to optimize features, privacy or overall user experience within our core competencies:

  • Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency (Our credentials: Articles, Speeches, Whitepapers)
  • Blockchain (Keynote speaker at International Conferences and Workshops
  • Privacy (product and network design as opposed to compliance)
  • Blind Signaling and Response [Video: University of Montreal]
  • Antiforensics (building anonymity into products and services)
  • Cloud Storage Architecture (distributed P2P storage networks)
  • Antispam & Email Security (We wrote the book. PC Magazine Editors’ Choice)
  • Access Control, Identification, User Authentication

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