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Ellery Davies clarifies law & public policy. Feedback is always invited. Ellery is:

— Bitcoin speaker, columnist, editor and consultant (using real name)
— Co-Chair & Director of CRYPSA (Cryptocurrency Standards Association)
— Host and MC for The Bitcoin Event (New York)
— Creator of the leading email security product & service
— Fervent privacy champion and antiforensics expert *
— Security columnist, TV & radio commentator (using real name)
— Expert in distributed storage & communications
— Expert in steganography & data recovery (for the data owner only)


  • Bitcoin: Intrinsic value, growth, adoption
  • Privacy & Antiforensics*
  • Spam & Cyber Security
  • Information Economics & Two-sided networks
  • Venture Capital & Startup Economics
  • Policy and Law
  • Stinky cheese and dry red wine


  • Blind Signaling & Response (encryption/cryptography)
  • Error Correction & Data Compression
  • Torrent Reaquisition (optimizing p2p packet routing & anonymity)
  • Storage, NAS & Network Optimization
  • Distributed Computing
  • Video Compression


  • Public speaker, columnist, Blogger, board member
  • Founded: 3 high-tech start ups
  • Patented: a radical anti-spam process (PC Mag Editors’ Choice)
  • Pioneered: Field of Software Testing
  • Designed: electronic brains of anti-radar missiles
  • Instructor: Middle school, University
  • Curator/Historian: For a leading American artist
  • Owned: Restaurant, office space leasor, car mat manufacturer


  • Piano & Violin
  • Cabaret & Burlesque

* Antiforensics is the practice of confounding forensic experts in an effort to ensure privacy of individuals, consumers, and organizations.

3 thoughts on “About Ellery

  1. Very nice and captivating! I had no dea that you had previously written these articles. I am in a rush now, so can’t comment on the specific articles. A picture or two for each article would be nice. It also serves a navigational aid when scrolling up and down,
    My postings on this blog will be anonymous to your readers and will be attributed to Mr. Brasov.

  2. Ellery, you have long been an eclectic generalist with proficiencies and opinions that cover the gamut. It is one of the reasons that I admire you so much. Your Wild Duck claims to cover areas of “politics, economics, technology, law and social phenomena”. But with this blog, it appears that you are beginning to specialize. You are winnowing your interests to areas of privacy & security and research into narrow fields of applied technology — blind signalling, distributed storage, etc.

    All of them are signature fields to be sure. But please don’t give up what makes you sparkle! On countless occasions, a senior consultant, Fellow or Diplomate needs to understand some new “black art” (a cutting edge theory, practice or technology). If I can’t answer, I call you. Fluent in every area that interests my staff, you never fail. You offer compelling and understandable answers in so many venues. AWildDuck is just one forward face of an astoundingly diversified individual. Don’t restrict the inner core to the things you discuss in this Blog.

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