Submission Guidelines (Op Ed guest editorial)

guest-author-iconBecome a Wild Duck. Contribute an editorial to the fastest growing Blog of its kind. AWildDuck accepts insightful Op Ed pieces that fall within these categories:

Politics, Privacy, Economics, Technology, Bitcoin,
Law, Social Phenomena, R
eligion & Ethics or Satire

Do you write with wit and verve? Our soapbox reaches a rapidly growing audience with shared interests. We set few rules for guest columnists…

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Focus:  Articles should be topical—i.e. related to one of the areas listed above. AWildDuck occasionally publishes humor or tales of personal interest. For an example, set the category filter to Kitch and Satire. We do not accept fiction.
  2. Style:  Contributors exhibit their unique, individual style. We like posts that end with the blunt opinion of the author. Show readers that you are not afraid of your opinion, even if it bucks the trend. Highlight an angle or nuance that differentiates your research or opinion. Above all, provoke controversy!
  3. Length:  No firm rule. Our articles cover a wide range: 300~2400 words. At 1700 words, the Obama piece is longer than most. The sweet spot is 850~1250. Among the shortest and longest posts are:
    I am a Wild Duck —Featured author, Min Yin

    Author, Min Yin

    Texas Students Hijack Drone ( 300 words)
    Will Google “Do No Evil”?       (2350 words)

    The first example is brief because it describes an event without perspective or commentary. It’s just an interesting story, worthy of sharing.

  4. Ownership: AWildDuck does not demand exclusivity or copyright. (We copyright our page on your behalf). You may publish elsewhere, but AWildDuck gets the first 90 days without your involvement in any substantially similar subject matter.
  5. Editing: We reserve the right to edit for grammar & style. Additionally, we may add graphics to dress up the article. You may refuse these changes. We will not publish an altered version without your consent.
  6. Discretion / Duration: Ellery decides what gets published. AWildDuck may
    Author Richelle Ross

    Author Richelle Ross

    post your article as long as we like—or forever. We may post at more than one web site, but always with a credit or byline to you as the author.

  7. Feedback: Guest writers agree to reply to intelligent or provoking feedback, if a reader might reasonably expect a reply. Typically, this is not a burden…1, 2 or 3 replies in the first months. Hot issues sometimes generate a flurry of comments.

How to Get Started

  • Use this contact form. Give us a pitch (50~150 words). Be clear and concise.
  • Refer to categories above, tell us which match your piece or proposal (you may classify it with multiple categories).
  • Side profile of a journalist typing on a typewriterSend us a link to your original writing. Show off a bit. Any topic or venue is fine.
  • Include contact information: Full name, email address and a direct phone number. If you have published under other names, please tell us the alias.

You will hear from us within 48 hours. Soon, we may be saying “Welcome Aboard!”