Privacy Policy, Copyright & Commercial Ties

Privacy Policy

    • We don’t share your data with anyone. Period.
    • We save only the data that you submit when posting a comment. 1
      (You neen’t supply a truthful name or address, but without it, you will not receive notices of follow ups to your comments)
    • We don’t record your IP address, but it is displayed to us by WordPress when we first review your comment.
    • If you subscribe to our feed (This is not required to read articles or post comments), we verify your email address and ask you to describe your referal & interest in our site. We do not save this information. We ask these question only to thwart subscriptions initiated to facilitate future Spam.
    • We don’t use Google Analytics or any 3rd party analysis tool that might log and cross reference your visitor data with other sites. 2
    • We use a session cookie to facilitate page navigation during your visit. It does not track you from one visit to the next. This temporary file routes you to a new page when you post a comment or perform other tasks.
    • If we are ever contacted with questions about you identity, your IP address, your posting history or your relationship with us, we will refuse all inquiries. In the event that we are compelled to cooperate, we will shred files and wipe data. We will not reveal anything at all, no matter the circumstances. If presented with economic or political pressure, we would relocate our services to a country or jurisdiction that respects and protects your privacy.


Commercial Ties

As of Winter 2015, A Wild Duck has never had commercial ties to any organization at all. Our blog expresses the personal opinions of Ellery Davies (Nom de Plume for an entrepreneur and social philosopher). These opinions are not influenced by any individual or organization and there are absolutely no conflicts of interest, unless specifically noted in an article or comment.

The Blog is reader supported [Donate Here].

In the future (i.e. anytime after the most recent revision of this post), we may elect to accept commercial sponsors. If we do, we will disclose these relationships in an update to this bulletin and on any page that might have the potential for a conflict of interest.


Warrant Canary

A Warrant Canary is a statement that asserts a negative, and in so doing, avoids the potentially illegal disclosure of information included in a gag order. The next paragraph is such a statement…

AWildDuck has not received any legal process that it would be prohibited from acknowledging to our readers, such as a national security letter or a gag order attached to a court order for data or testimony. Additionally, we are not aware of any employee, contractor, vendor or affiliate—with current or past access to our records—who has been compelled to provide data in any government action.

In the event that this statement becomes annulled or outdated, it is our intention to promptly remove the above Warrant Canary. Because we don’t maintain this web page day-by-day, the canary is not signed and dated with PGP. To verify that it is in effect, use the contact form and ask us. We will respond within a few hours, if we are legally able to discuss the matter.



All content, including reader feedback is copyright © 2011~2017 and is the property of All Rights Reserved, with one exception…

A non-exclusive license is granted to guest authors. Their articles begin with an editor’s introduction and a photo of the contributor. Guest authors may republish or redistribute their articles in any venue. The article may be annotated with footnotes, or may include a forward and/or conclusion. But the original text may not be abridged or modified and AWildDuck copyright must be included at the bottom.

1 Your comment (the reader feedback that you post) is displayed on our blog,, and of course other sites may republish it with or without our permission or without or knowledge. Although your feedback remains our property, we will consider requests from contributors to remove or revise content.

2 We use a plugin in from JetPack that reports information about visitor traffic. It is included in standard WordPress distributions and it can display aggregate information about referring pages, pages visited and links that are clicked at our site. Until recently, if you found our Blog in a Google search, a daily table of JetPack stats would show the search terms that led you to our site. But now, Google encrypts all searches, and so we don’t even have this information. To the best of our knowledge, we have no personal or identifying information about any visitor, and we don’t attempt to correlate the few statistics that Wordpess and JetPack provide in an attempt to glean the identity or behavior of our readers..