Michele Bachmann: Trouble responding to 8yr old boy

Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are like the Bobbsey Twins. Two peas in a pod. You already know my feelings about Palin. But lately, Wild Ducks have asked me to comment on Bachmann.

Today’s post is not an opinion, but this short video is priceless. Pure fluff, but priceless!

An 8 year old boy accompanies his mom to a Michele Bachmann book signing. The child approaches Bachmann to ask a question, but is too shy and too soft to be heard. Bachmann is interested in hearing what the youngster has to say. She pulls the boy close so that he can whisper into her ear. Click below to see the video  [continued]…

Implored by a child…How can a family-values zealot respond?

The camera and microphone are close and they pick up everything! He whispers “My mommy is gay, but she doesn’t need any fixing.”

It’s not difficult to predict the outcome. How can she possibly respond? Certainly not coherently! Bachmann backs away, flushes and stumbles on the words “Bye-bye”, as handlers escort boy and Mom away from the unblinking eye of the camera…Priceless!

For those who don’t follow the GOP parade, Bachmann hubby Marcus runs a clinic that offers to “cure” gays. Of course, we mustn’t claim looniness by association. But wait! Michele appeared to advocate this approach prior to her candidacy.

Was the child set up by his mother to make a blatant pro-diversity stand? Of course! But still – this brief clip will go down as a priceless moment in campaigning history!

1 thought on “Michele Bachmann: Trouble responding to 8yr old boy

  1. Throughout history, homosexuals have been humiliated, shunned, discriminated against, tortured and murdered. During WWII the Nazis took all this to new extremes.

    While the rights of gays and lesbians have come a long way in the US, to this day in many countries, homosexuality is a crime persecuted by both police and governments alike.

    Given all this, a sensible person would have to ask himself, “Who in his right mind would choose to be gay?” Can any of us honestly say we woke up one day and and had to make a conscious decision as to whether we wanted to be homosexual or heterosexual? Of course not! We accept the sexuality we were drawn to.

    Ms. Bachman should be ashamed of herself for not only believing that homosexuality can be cured, but for remaining married to someone who does. Instead of wasting his time trying to cure gays, perhaps Mr. Bachman should expend his energy on seeking a cure for idiocy. Now there’s a money maker!

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