Meeting Andreas Antonopoulos

This isn’t really a post, it’s more of a boast… If you don’t know the name Andreas M. Antonopoulos, you don’t know Bitcoin. Since Satoshi prefers to remain invisible,* Andreas is the defacto face of Bitcoin.

I had the good fortune to meet Andreas at the MIT Bitcoin Expo this month. That chance meeting in the outer lobby of building 26-100 led to his live Keynote address at The Bitcoin Event at LaGuardia, a workshop in New York organized by CRYPSA and CUNY (City University of New York).

Ellery & Andreas-02

The Bitcoin Event at LaGuardia

Ellery & Andreas-01

MIT Bitcoin Expo 2015









* I was about to say that Satoshi prefers to remain underground, but that would imply that he is guilty of something or on the run. Far from it. He is a father of invention!

2 thoughts on “Meeting Andreas Antonopoulos

    • That’s a great question, Peter! Distributed, p2p networks certainly have a way to go before they work out the kinks in crisis management consensus…

      But, in this case, I am confident that the enormous financial stake of the entrenched parties will push their hands toward an efficient and effective compromise — even amongst Chinese miners (a defacto cartel). After all, the technology of the world’s first blockchain-based network is solid and Bitcoin is the only platform to have achieved a two-sided network. No one wants to see their stake evaporate in a cloud of feuds.

      The naysayers are producing an audible din; and they have a point! Time is running short and the fall out of this forking crisis is already creating a significant bottleneck and a giant question mark over long-term incentives.

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