Naming Names: Savannah’s molesters

Today’s point of view is about rapists, molesters, teenage monsters and a Kentucky judge who facilitates their ilk. She is an inadvertent enabler—Not guilty of intent, but incapable of understanding the duty of a court: justice, punishment and deterrence. (Take note: This judge is female. Is she incapable of imagining herself or a daughter walking a mile in the shoes of this victim?)

The names Will Frey III and Austin Zehnder will probably not garnish the widespread notoriety of other recent predators, such as Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky or Colorado cinema shooter James Holmes. But what differentiates Frey and Zehnder from evil peers is the protection bestowed on them by a heartless judge and her retrograde court in Louisville Kentucky.

When 17 year old Savannah Dietrich engaged in underage drinking at a party last year, she became the target of two pimply faced teens. Like drooling wolves picking up the scent of injured prey, they undressed her, sexually assaulted her and posted close up photos of their joy ride on the internet. Cute–or so they thought. Harmless? Apparently it was harmless for these boys. How so?…

Savannah Dietrich

You see, these boys not only got away with assault–the victim was prohibited from talking about her ordeal! In Jefferson County, if you pass out and get sexed up by creeps, you also get slapped upside the head by a judge that can’t distinguish between felon and victim.

Of course, these kids were horsing around and they are just minors. Right? That’s how the great state of Kentucky sees it. Unable to evade capture, the sadistic youths pleaded guilty, and the judge accepted (or perhaps offered-?) a plea bargain. Was Savannah or her attorney party to this wrist slap? Of course not. Rape victims can’t bring criminal charges—they are only ‘witnesses’. Perhaps the court ’s most outrageous act was to seal the record and order the victim to remain silent about the crime, the punishment, and even the identities of her assailants (Whazzat?!?).

I, for one, respectfully disagree with the court. Wait a minute…That’s not truthful. I have NO respect for this court! Like, Savannah, I cannot accept that a just and democratic government gags the result of a guilty plea in a criminal case. This is my response to the state: Show us that you have more backbone than Kentucky blue grass, a bucket of fried chicken, and thoroughbred horses. Don’t mock justice in Jefferson. Instead of relying on web vigilantes like me, post the photos below on your public crime log.

The perpetrators are shown here.* Dear readers: Copy these photos. Blog about these boys. Make back ups to your cloud storage and tag them. Let them be searched from across the world. Show the state of Kentucky that the truth knows no bounds.

Austin Zehnder & Will Frey III (redacted)

*Note that I did not say alleged perpetrators. These boys pleaded guilty. They were convicted. But their punishment will probably be overturned and purged from the record when they turn 18.

First hunted and then gagged

But what of Savannah. She has recurring nightmares. She has been dragged through hell. And what did the court offer her? A gag order! Fortunately, she is a brave girl. She understands that freedom and justice come at a price. Sometimes it requires personal risk. Dietrich published a tweet and named her attackers. She openly defied the court and taunted them to “Come get me”. Well, that’s exactly what they did. At the end of this month, Savannah Dietrich faces a contempt hearing. What’s at stake? How about her freedom? $500 and up to six months in prison.

Can you believe it Wild Ducks?! This is America: Land of Liberty, Home of the Free, democratic, capitalist, and just a little bit half-assed. What a country!


13 thoughts on “Naming Names: Savannah’s molesters

  1. Ellery,

    Years before you launched this Blog, I related the story of IBM and their mandate that each department employ at least one ‘Wild Duck’. This policy ensured that projects would be infused with an unconventional perspective that only a maverick provides.

    I also explained that you fit the description to a ‘T’. You have an analytical penchant, think out-of-the-box (and very quickly). You draw complex inferences and make snap judgments of surprising accuracy. And of course, you have a brash and even irritating style when you are confident in your elocution.

    You have certainly taken the “Wild Duck” designation to heart!! As the individual who first suggested that you were a “Wild Duck”, I find myself wondering “What have I wrought”?? 🙂

    You continue to be extremely articulate, forceful, and provocative in your writing.

    Keep it up.

  2. Someone posted additional pictures of Will Frey on Imgur.

      [Editor’s Note]:
      AWildDuck has removed the link. The page includes a
      childhood photo taken during family vacation. It crosses
      a line—even for Ellery’s blunt, in-your-face style.
  3. Outstanding, Ellery–You have outdone yourself. Amazing!

    A Wild Duck is edgy, topical, and definitely brash. More to the point, it is relevant. You pull it off with such wit and panache.

    Would you consider editing our journal or at least collaborate with researchers and authors? Perhaps along the lines of ‘ghost writer’. I am certain that we could work out the details.

    As always, dear friend,

  4. Good for you, Ellery!!! The article on the Savannah molesters was a good one and I am so happy you got it out there so more people will know about this.

    Congratulations on your audacity and especially on the inbound links from New York Times and Huffington Post. The citation of AWildDuck demonstrates that even mainstream media was afraid to violate a Tennessee gag order (instead, they linked to your Blog). It also shows that they recognize AWildDuck as a legitimate news source. If they didn’t trust your due diligence (that is, that you did your research in exposing the correct individuals, they certainly wouldn’t have referred their readers to your Blog.

    Love and Blessings, Tasha

  5. Cool—Hold the judge accountable, Yes,. But where was the DA in all this? District Attorneys are responsible for prosecution and it is the DA that offer plea bargains to defendants, not a judge.

    The judge can refuse to accept a plea bargain, but the DA must first propose one. Don’t let the DA off the hook here.


    She passed out topless after a throwing up violently from alcohol poisoning ….they only took pictures. The boys plead guilty to sexual assault because it has fewer repercussions than child pornography charges. Thus why the DA accepted the plea, in cases of “rape” plea bargains are very rare because evidence so incriminating can support the crime.

    It was only when she heard about the pictures MONTHS later and decided to take legal actions. The Courier Journal, who originally published the story, is facing a lawsuit for publishing false allegations because Dietrich used the words “rapists” and such when interviewed. She was not raped and the media now is painting the boys charged as rapists.



    Savannah Dietrich cauzed unspeakable injustice to these boys!
    Spread the word about this false rape accusation!

    • Dietrich shared the pictures and names of two individuals who shared hers, when she was topless and passed out. If subsequently sharing THEIR pictures and info is an “unspeakable injustice”, then what was sharing hers to begin with? So thank you for making a case in point: These “boys” got exactly the same publicity they subjected her to against her will, except they got it with their clothes on but their horrible personality exposed.

      And for the record, if someone has alcohol poisoning and has thrown up all over themselves, great balls of fire, the decent thing to do is to call the poison center or an ambulance, not to take naked pictures of that person.

  7. I guess that every story has two sides (and often more). Upon reading your narrative, my first reaction was to jump into investigative mode and uncover the truth.

    But upon reflection, these statements, if true, are irrelevant to my point. First, I never reported that the event was “rape”…

    To wit: Even by your accounting, these boys photographed and shared images of a nude, underage and vulnerable girl without her knowledge or consent. They should have known better. More importantly, the judge should not have instructed the humiliated witness that a sealed court proceeding effectively bars her from naming these nitwits—a violation of her first amendment freedom.

    My gaffe: If the boys transgression was limited to photographing a “public” scene and then placing it into emails, then I have been responsible for propagating an exaggeration. Both actions are egregious, but they certainly don’t rise to the crime of molestation or rape.

    The absence of physical molestation notwithstanding, I still feel strongly that the public shaming and branding of these two morons is a reasonable footnote to their amateur photography career.

  8. Please pass on to Savannah:
    You need to go immediatly to FBI, U S Attourney & State Attourney General!!! To me even if you consented [but could not consent due to being legally drunk] they trafficed in pictures of under age women by posting or forwarding them.
    Also ask for them to be labelled as SEXUAL PREDITORS.
    That would I would recommend if this happened to my daughters when they were younger.

  9. Too many woman use alcohol as sort of “magic wand”. Under the influence of alcohol a girl knows that:

    1. She can get away with being under the influence of alcohol even if she is a minor, provided she claims “something bad happened to her while under the influence”.
    2. She can lie indiscriminately
    3. She can engage in wild sex, orgies, and bizarre sexual behavior without any consequences.
    4. She can engage in illegal behavior without any consequences
    5. She can reverse all and any actions or behavior after the alcohol wears off.
    6. She can decide months later if she wants to blame others for HER actions while under the influence of the alcohol
    7. She can repair her ruined reputation by blaming others.

    All women know this and all women use this. Its part of the “double standard” that women today use as a weapon against all of society.

    • 1. And all DUI’s are caused by women, and all drunken fights are caused by women, and all alcohol related injuries, crimes, and transgressions are caused by women. To hell with statistics, right?
      2. Women don’t need alcohol for that, and neither do men.
      3. Wild sex and orgies shouldn’t have a consequence, they are simply one variation of the many types of sexual expression between consenting adults. There is nothing criminal about it. There is also nothing about this legal case that has anything to do with wild sex and orgies.
      4. Yes, women and men can both do that.
      5. Alcohol doesn’t have magical powers.
      6. She can, but that doesn’t make it legally viable. These men were criminal and stupid enough to first perpetrate on their defenseless victim and then distribute the picture, so this doesn’t apply.
      7. These aren’t Victorian times where getting drunk makes one lose his or her reputation. This is the 21rst century, and being sexually abusive DOES. And should.

  10. On November 16, 2013, the middle photo which had previously depicted William Frey III (right) was censored after a written exchange with Bill Frey Jr. (Will Frey’s father), and later with his attorney, Amy Cubbage at McBrayer, McGinnis, Leslie & Kirkland, PLLC.

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